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I was able to get this cel signed on the "Erlangen Comicsalon 2002" where Nao Yazawa was a guest.

Ami cel from Sailor Moon. Evil look ^^. It's stuck to the original bg, but it was very oversized (right side) and was cut of with the cel number *sigh*
I think that explains her face look... ^^

Cute "Tenshi ni narumon" cel. Background is not matching.

Cute Dragon Half cel of the small princess

Faust and Panta, one of his three marionettes, from Saber Marionette

Sawa from Kite

Natsuki sleeping and weeping 
A1 cel - matching background

Tenchi Muyo

cute DigiChara Hanken for a trading card. Mecha Pyoko rulez *hehe*

Akari from Battle Athletes

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