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Perfect cel of Mirelle from episode 21. Further the background is just stunning.

Episode 21 - A11 KEY cel + matching original background.
Kirika wandering after she regains her memory.

Chibi Kirika.

Kirika standing at the window which sadly wasn't included ^^     

Chloe and Altena
cel + original matching background. Book cel

Chloe as a lightning takes place. The memories of Kirika are now clear.  
end cel + original matching background

Kirika crying after she knows the truth...
cel + original matching background

added black bg and changed brightness


sleeping Chloe. The shadows and lights are so great in this cel!
One of the best Chloe shots in my opinion. (A1 end)

Kirika wandering after she regained her memoris.
original matching background

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