sleeping cels area
please be silent 

please help me to find my most wanted sleeping cels!

Ai after coming out of the TV before she wakes up

Armitage more or less naked

Chloe sleeping in Altena's arms under a tree.

NukuNuku sleeping and weeping *snif*

this was my most wanted wishcel from Plastic Little, and finally it's now in my hands *sniff*
never for sale again. ^^

A1 end cel

Sawa from Kite - well, at least it could in some way be "sleeping" :p

Natsuki sleeping and weeping 
A1 cel - matching background

sleeping girl from the town where Kirika stays, before they were attacked

yup she's sleeping...
well, I never expected to get this cel. I guess the most erotic shot in the whole anime.
fantastic cel!
A1 end cel  oversized PAN cel






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