This San cel is only a fanart cel. But it's very detailled and looks very nice, that's why I like it ^^.

I'm glad I found a Laputa cel where Pazu an Sheeta are holding each other. So beautiful! 

Ok, that's now a real production San cel, and this one was expensive. 
This is a wonderful pose of San. Her eyes are open (her mouth, too) - it's very expressiv.

That cel is more than great. It's stunning. Nausicaš dead with Teto sitting next to her.

Three characters in one cel. Well, Pazu looks the other way, but Sheeta is looking so sweet in this pose. A really great scene.

Another great production cel from San. This is from the scene after Ashitaka told her how beautiful she is. I was looking after a cel from that scene a long time, and it was really luck that I got it.
Chandra thanks so much!