Neon Genesis Evangelion

Stunning Rei Ayanami cel (6 layers). The big background is original, the background piece in the window is a print from the Gainax Studio.
First layer is A1 end - Book cel.
Interesting is, that the background in this case is the same as the foreground. They just took a part of the image of the background which is behind the display screen and put it half transparent in front of the scene.

KareKano  (Kareshi Kanojyo no Jijyo)

Stunning Miyazawa Yukino cel. I'm so happy I got this cel

Tsubasa Shibahime crying, because she was slaped on the face by her father for the first time

This seems only be a copied cel, but possibly copied at the Gainax studio. That's because it came with a layout sketch on studio paper, a douga, and the acetate has registration holes. Well in compare to the screenshot the cel is really 1:1, and even fancels have some slight differences after my experience, so I'm not quite sure about that cel, but I just wanted it because it's one of my favorite scenes and the cel is just stunning...

Yukino standing tight and Arima's back


Yukino's face - very detailed


SD Yukino  
Yukino pleased
A1 end cel with original matching background

Yukino extremely shocked


Noriko from the final episode

Noriko from the final episode



Emotional picture of Mahoro in the Kimono

A big oversized dreamcel of Mahoro! Sitting in the bath argueing with teacher Saori Shikijoh about the size of their breasts ^^
"Bigger doesn't mean better!" =^.^=  

Very emotional cel of Mahoro. Kind of tensely ^^

Mahoro in her maid outfit Ahhhhh, it's so kawaii ^^.

I'm glad i got this sweetie  =^.^=
signed by
Hiroyuki Yamaga
(scripts and direction of Mahoromatic) 
at the Connichi 2003 in Kassel Germany

signed by
Hiroyuki Yamaga
(scripts and direction of Mahoromatic)
at the Connichi 2003 in Kassel Germany


I was able to get this sketch drawn by Kazuya Tsurumaki (Gainax member, made the Evangelion movies and is the man behind FLCL) at the Connichi 2002 in Ludwigshafen Germany. It was really a funny situation. We were all in a conference room and were sitting on our places. Then every single person was able to get to him and ask for a sign. I asked him if he could do a SD Rei Ayanami. He seemed to find this funny an began to draw. Then he asked how she should look like. I answered: "Well, if she could smile, that would be great". This seemed even more funny to him because he joked "But she doesn't smile". Well, but nevertheless he draw her a very nice smile in her face =^.^= 
Well, after that he continued drawing and after a while he asked the audience if someone has the artbook here (which of course was the case), because he didn't remember how to draw the plug suit exactly. The audience found this case very funny, well and after a few more minutes this skech was ready. I'm so happy. Thanks so much!!!